What Our Customers Think

Miss J – a single mum, approached our Stoke office, having been recommended to apply by a friend. She needed £250 to pay off her holiday. We were able to approve the loan at £250 and also opened a savings account. Before she left, she told us “I’m very impressed. The best bit is the savings part and the service is excellent!”

Mr Y came into our Scunthorpe office after a friend of his had recommended us. He had previously been using pay day loans but was finding it very expensive. When he realised the saving he was making by taking out a loan with Moneyline it enabled him to break the cycle of pay day loans.


A Provident customer who saw Moneyline advertised in a local community paper phoned our Cwmbran office and went through a telephone interview straight away. We confirmed that we could help and explained what documents were required. The customer said they were around the corner and would be in in 5 minutes. The customer had always used Provident, but was so pleased with the lower cost of a Moneyline loan, that he opened up a savings account with the money that he was saving each week and calculated that he would have saved over £200.00 for his Christmas.


Paul and his wife have been Moneyline customers of our Birkenhead office for two years with loans and savings. When Paul had a motorbike accident he fractured his wrist and was unable to work and so we reduced payments for 4 weeks. Not long after returning to work the gearbox on his bike failed, leaving him without transport. As builder, this was a great worry for him as it was going to make it difficult to travel to sites. Paul contacted Moneyline in a desperate state and we were able to see him on the same day. We approved a loan of £600 and he was able to get a new bike and back to work. Paul was delighted by the service we could offer and described us as a godsend. With a family of 5 to cater for over Christmas, he made arrangements to increase payments into his savings account so that he knew we would have money put aside at the end of the year.


A new customer, a single parent needing motorised scooter for her disabled son approached our St Helens office as she was getting no assistance from anywhere. Moneyline approved a loan for £250 over 40 weeks and opened a savings account for £4 per week within 24 hours of her initial enquiry.


Miss D contacted our Grimsby Office having been recommended to us by a friend. She had approached her bank for a loan as her car had broken down. Her bank turned her down, and was told that her credit file did not have enough history for the bank to base a decision on. Moneyline approved her loan and she was able to pay for the car repairs.


A young lady of 18 years old who was pregnant and without accommodation came in to our Newport branch looking to borrow £100 for food. Our Money Adviser sat with the young lady and went through her circumstances, highlighting possible help available through local agencies. A place to stay and a food parcel were arranged which she was able to collect that day from a local site near to the Moneyline office.


Sometimes it is not always just about offering a loan.