Not just a loan company ?

our staff can

  • help you to open a basic bank account if you don’t already have one
  • open a simple and straightforward saving account for you

why ?

a basic bank account can be a passport to lower cost products and services.

operated effectively it will help you to budget and save money

by saving a relatively small amount each week or each month you can build up a decent sum for special times like xmas and holidays

around ¾’s of our customers now save regularly – in 2012 collectively they put aside over one million pounds

money advice

in our offices in Wales we have money advisors working alongside our staff.

Through that link -

Over 400 customers have completed Warm Home Discount application, enabling them to receive over £63,000 in electric rebates

Over 200 customers have been accepted to the Dwr Cymru Water Assist tariff, this has reduced their annual water bill by over 50%. A total saving of over £57,000

£1.75m of unclaimed welfare benefits have been identified by using a benefit calculator.

Currently the advisors are also involved in a campaign called and are supplying information to customers highlighting the significant impact that welfare reform could have on their lives and income.

In our offices in England, whilst we don’t currently have money advisors in each office, our staff will more often than not be able to put you in touch with local services that can help where needed.

For us its not just about loans – if there are other practical ways that we can help our customers, then that is what we will try to do.